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How to Choose a Good Landscape Contractor

If you’re looking for a landscape contractor, you won’t have a problem with supply. Definitely no shortage here! What you may find a bit of a challenge, however, is finding somebody qualified and pleasant to work with. So how exactly do you go about choosing a good contractor for your home? Below are five simple but effective tips:

Do Some Research

Check online to find landscaping companies in your area, compare them with one other. Be wary of those who are offering very cheap rates – there will always be a catch. This is one of those industries where you usually get what you pay for. Pay attention to your prospects’ experience in different landscaping services and their willingness to provide client references. Allot some time to check out their websites and social media profiles. Very importantly, read reviews about them on independent consumer websites, not marketing websites, which are biased.

Know Your Wants and Needs

Be sure you know what exactly you want and that you can express your ideas accurately and clearly to the landscape contractor. Preferably, put all your ideas on paper and ask the contractor if they will be able to work around them.

Remain Open to Options

As we said earlier, landscape contractors have grown in number today, varying in different areas such as size, price, specialty, and overall reputation. Landscape contractors are also usually called lawn care companies, landscape designers, landscape maintenance companies, etc. Try to use all of these terms you search for information online. Regardless of what they’re called, you only want skilled professionals – no less – to work on your yard.

Focus on the following when studying your prospects:

> how long the company has been in business
> the contractor’s rating with the Better Business Bureau

> memberships to professional organizations

> work guarantees

> positive testimonials from past clients

> pictures from latest projects

Asking for Recommendations

In the end, word of mouth still reigns as the best way to find a good landscaping company. Ask your friends, relatives and neighbors for referrals. Maybe they’ve hired a landscaper recently and were pleased with the results.

Look for Chemistry

Even if you work with the best landscape company in the world, the results will still not be satisfying enough if there’s no connection between the two of you. To connect means to be able to express yourself and all your ideas, and to be understood completely.

Lastly, the following will help you determine if a certain contractor is the right fit for you:

> communication skills
> creativity
> patience and sincerity in meeting your needs

As you can see, you won’t find a good landscape contractor overnight, but that’s okay if it means finding someone who can bring you the quality of results you want.

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