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Massage Techniques Commonly Used.

Massage is a traditional art that varies from one country to another used for several body treatments and general wellbeing of the body through pain removal and relieving stress.

Classic massage is the best massage formula for removing muscle tension as it involves a simple process where the therapist uses arms, elbows or forearms to apply lotions on areas with muscle tension. The accumulation of lactic acid and uric acid on the muscles tissue is one that causes muscle tension and Swedish massage in this case is very important in order to remove these metabolic wastes while increasing oxygen for respiration.

Deep tissue massage deals with deep layers of the muscle tissues to treat a specific a specific body problem rather than promoting just relaxation. Oxygen flow in the blood is all that is needed to promote muscle relation in the body through respiration process while producing energy to the muscle for eliminating metabolic wastes. Deep tissue massage help to tackle a particular physical and muscular problems while relieving pain and restoring normal movement.

When in motion, individuals can develop a range of problems and injuries which can be removed by sports massage which in the ancient days created for athletes but nowadays is very helpful for individual with chronic pain and injuries to tendons. Sports massage can serve the same purpose deep tissue massage of dealing with the deeper layers of the muscle tissues. It rare to get athletes not sustaining injuries during, after and before an event and this calls for a sports massage to cure these injuries. Just like other many types of massage, sports massage help to stimulate blood circulation and lymph fluids for optimal metabolic wastes removal.

Indian head massage help to relieve stress, headaches, insomnia, tension and migraine, and it focuses on the head as well as shoulders, neck and face using different movements such as deep kneading and compressions.

This type of massage affects several glands and organs that are corresponding to the reflex are that the massage is applied. No oil is used in the reflexology massage and pressure is just applied on the feet, hands, and fingers while stimulating the whole body to release any pain while acting as a painkiller.

Hot stone massage is also used for body treatment by using smooth flat Waterstones that are heated and placed along both sides of your spine with the aim of relaxing muscles and relieving tension. Stones are used for muscle massaging and the pressure levels differ depending on whether the massage is meant for surface muscles or deeper tissues.

Blood is the key factor in neuromuscular massage where muscle spasms require blood to keep flowing in that centralized area in order to avoid pains that develop when blood flow to centralized muscles in small amounts.

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