How Can You Know If You Need a Maritime Lawyer?

A maritime lawyer is one that represents companies and individuals in various types of shipping law claims. It is important individuals are aware of when they might need a maritime lawyer so they will be prepared to hire one. Maritime law is a comprehensive subject that can be difficult to understand. Anytime a company ships over open waters, they are subject to these laws. A maritime lawyer not only makes sure individuals follow the law but also protects them when claims are needed.

The most common reasons for hiring a maritime lawyer include:

  • A person’s boat crashes into another boat
  • A boat crashes into a victim’s boat
  • A person’s boat hits a dock
  • A boat damages an owner’s dock
  • A ship spills waste or pollution into open waters
  • A person is injured in a crash that occurs on open waters

It is important for individuals to realize not every accident or claim falls under the jurisdiction of maritime or admiralty law. It is important a person consults with a maritime lawyer so they can help determine what laws apply and what needs to be done to pursue a claim or defend against one.

There are a couple of types of payment arrangements that can be made with a maritime lawyer. Many of these lawyers charge by the hour, depending on the type of claim. Maritime lawyers also work on contingency, especially when it comes to representing injured clients.

If a person or company caused damage while on the open waters, a maritime lawyer can help reduce the payout amount through negotiations. Those who are injured will have the lawyer working to protect their rights and ensure they are able to get a fair outcome for their injury claim.

Those who feel they may need a maritime lawyer are urged to schedule a consultation appointment right away. Seeking a lawyer’s advice early in the process will be beneficial, no matter the type of maritime case.

If you are dealing with a maritime law issue, it is imperative you seek more information on how a lawyer can help you. For further help, visit today.

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