3 Ways to Get Better Results When Cutting Grass

Mowing a lawn may seem like a basic chore that anyone can do, but it affects a home’s appearance and can help keep grass healthy. Cutting Grass well increases curb appeal and helps create healthy, drought-resistant turf. A poor job can make it hard for grass to survive. Landscaping professionals recommend that homeowners have a cutting plan. They should keep grass long enough to be healthy. Experts also suggest edging and trimming at the same time, to increase efficiency.

Planning Ahead Is Essential

It is important to have a plan before mowing a lawn. It is not possible to create beautiful landscaping with a helter-skelter approach that leaves some areas uncut or produces uneven results. Many DIY homeowners firmly believe that the secret to a beautiful yard is to trim edges first. That allows clippings to fall back into grass where the mower can mulch them. However, professionals often mow first. They take advantage of a mower’s vast cutting area to reduce trimming time. It is important to choose one of these methods to get consistent results and avoid switching tools too often.

Don’t Scalp the Lawn

Trimming grass to the shortest possible height might seem logical, but it can cause damage. Scalping a lawn may create brown patches and strain root systems. A very short lawn makes it easier for weeds to break through turf. Experts suggest trimming grass to 2 1/2″ – 3 1/2″ in cool weather. In warm weather they advise homeowners to leave grass 1″-3″ tall. Alternating cutting patterns also helps to keep lawns healthy. Since grass grows in the direction it is mowed, homeowners should switch patterns each time they mow.

Trim and Edge at the Same Time

A typical string trimmer can be used to edge curbs and trim around landscaping elements. Landscapers recommend holding a trimmer head vertically for edging and horizontally during trimming. Before professionals begin this process, they look at property and find a single path that can be followed. That allows the entire job to be completed in the same trip.

Homeowners who want the best results should make a plan before mowing and trimming their lawns. They should also leave grass at least 1″ long, to avoid damaging it. Owners can increase efficiency by edging and trimming at the same time.

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